The Natural Park of Sierra Espuña

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Crowning the south of Spain is the Bética mountain range, which, when passing through Murcia, precisely by Alhama de Murcia and its surroundings, composes the largest tree mass in our region, the so-called Sierra Espuña Natural Park.

This park is considered a protected area and classified as a Regional Park since 1992. It has also been established as an area of ​​special protection for birds (ZEPA) and a place of Community importance (LIC).

Within this wonderful natural environment are our farms which benefit from:

• A low rainfall (300 liters / m2 per year) which, in addition to preventing rotting and infection of our crops, gives unique organoleptic properties in the Spanish Levante area.

• A latitude and altitude above sea level, ideal for cultivation.

• The texture of the farmland, which makes it impossible to roughen your skins.

• A natural isolation which, accompanied by our phytosanitary treatment with entomophages (aphitis melinus) and pheromones, preserves the cultures of infections and pests.

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