Bio tangerine

clementina bío

Clementines are citrus hybrids with smooth, bright skin in intense orange color, oval shape, no seeds but a high amount of fiber (digestive aid), high in vitamin C, folic acid, provitamin A, acid Citric, potassium and magnesium, and high content of antioxidants such as lemon (the main) as well as linalool, α-terpineol, α-pinene, β-pinene and myrcene.

In El Lomo Trading we commercialize the following varieties:

Clementina Clemenules Bio: Variety whose name corresponds to its origin, a spontaneous mutation occurred in Nules, municipality of the province of Castellón. This variety has a production of high quality and quantity during an extensive collection period which may include the month of January. Its caliber is medium in size, easy to peel thanks to its thin and smooth skin, and also contains a low degree of acidity, which gives it a delicious sweet taste.

Clementina Mioro: With fine skin of an intense orange color and very easy to peel, this variety usually has a medium caliber and a high content of juice of low acidity. Its collection period usually takes place between October and December.

Mandarin Satsuma Okitsu Bio: Originally from Japan, this variety is the highest quality among the Satsumas, its skin has a color that could be defined as orange yellow, of good size and somewhat flattened. Its late flowering allows its collection in September. It has a strong flavor, does not present seeds and its segments are tender and juicy.

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