Bio lemons

Limón biológico

With national varieties of excellent quality unequaled in organoleptic conditions thanks to which they are sown and harvested in the land of which they were originally, the lemons Murcia are a product of continuous and growing commercialization throughout Europe.

Our company markets the varieties:

FINO BIO LEMON: A tree of our own, it has a smooth and fine skin, an oval shape without a neck, and a juice of excellent quantity and quality rich in citric acid, making it a very appreciated variety for the industry of derivatives And as a dressing for the kitchen.

VERNA BIO LEMON: Late re-growing variety that is harvested from April to August and has a thick skin that favors its transport but greater roundness than the fine lemon. It is rich in juice and can also produce another harvest in summer (rodrejos) of great commercial interest.

Harvesting organic lemons

Cosecha limones biológicos